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Pest Control & Wildlife Removal In Boston


We specialize in the humane removal and safe extermination of Boston wildlife and pests using the highest quality products and show up on time. When you think about Boston pests, remember that the term refers to all areas of wildlife, parasite or bug that can be found feeding in and around your residential, commercial or agricultural property. Due to this pest control can be challenging in our area, therefore, it is essential that you get your property checked on a regular basis.


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 Did you know that people in the United States spend nearly $7-billion on pest control per year?


  • Rodents of any kind carry different parasites and pests which can lead to you and your family’s exposure to debilitating or even deadly diseases, Ticks and Fleas carried by rodents can transmit viruses such as West Nile Virus, Typhus, Yellow Fevers, bubonic plague and Lyme disease. Rodents nest and reproduce into staggering numbers making you, your family, employees and livestock vulnerable to these highly communicable diseases in no time.
  • Rodent and Pest control is important in decreasing the number of fires in both residential and commercial settings. Rats in Boston will chew through anything, including electrical wiring which in turn promotes fires and electrical equipment damage. Eliminating all signs of infestation is not only provides physical health, but assures your assets are safe from pest caused miss-haps.
  • The presence of termites causes thousands of dollars in reparations to homes and businesses across the country, with Americans spending more than $5-billion dollars in termite related home repairs and greatly exceeds the costs in man hours and repairs incurred by simple monthly pest control. Immediately contact AllPestWeb in Boston, Massachusetts the minute you see any signs of termites.
  • Based on the fact that Boston homeowners tend to be very busy with work and family, they often neglect to check their homes for insects and even the ones that do check their homes do not know the telltale signs to look out for and because of this; you provide a convenient hideaway for these insects. When you don’t know what to look for to end the infestation, you will need an ALLPEST professional to seek out these pests and get rid of them.
  • When you have your home inspected by an ALLPEST professional on a regular basis, you can monitor for any pests and get rid of them immediately before they pose an infestation threat. Neglecting to get your home inspected will cause Boston pests to breed and infest in your home.
  • Pests such as ticks carry the Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularaemia, and Lyme disease, which can cause paralysis and sometimes death in your animals and this is just one insect, most others also come with diseases that will harm you and your family.


If you are looking for a high quality pest control Boston services at a reasonable price, then you have found the right place on the web! ALLPEST provides Boston pest control, pest prevention repairs, trapping and exclusion services for skunks, bats, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks, beavers or other local wildlife. ALLPEST is your Boston pest control experts!